We create customized cellular vesicles

Our technology enables a synthetic biology approach allowing the rapid design
and synthesis of a pipeline of assets focused on cancer, autoimmunity,
drug delivery, and gene therapy.

large and diverse payloads
natural targeting
immune privileged
easy to handle and store
natural cell membranes



Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are small, membrane-enclosed vesicles that are naturally produced and secreted by cells. EVs can be used to deliver materials of interest to specific locations in the body.

Despite great interest in harnessing EVs for human use, they are difficult to enrich and purify at scale and provide limited flexibility for customization. Jupiter’s proprietary technology addresses this with orders-of-magnitude improvements in the critical parameters needed for clinical translation.

Orders of magnitude efficiency gain
any cell line
tunable size
preserved structure and function
homogeneous and stable
fewer impurities
facile cargo loading


About Us

Our team consists of multiple Nobel laureates, HHMI investigators, physicians, and drug developers with decades of experience who aim to transform the biotechnology landscape and make a lasting impact on patient care. We currently operate out of JLabs @ MBC BioLabs in San Francisco where we are a Golden Ticket Award recipient. We are also recipients of a National Science Foundation SBIR grant. More news to come!